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Canned fruit a make-over, occupy the market step by step

Release time:2016/12/12

Ruian tongda machinery factory latest successfully developed a series of plastic cup canned fruit sealing machine, is completely according to the European food quality standards and development of new packaging equipment. I plant production of cup canned fruit the packaging material used is high barrier property of composite materials: glass composite barrier membrane using seven layers of EVOH, block using Alox cut off (or Siox) composite membrane. This kind of material to the invasion of the maximum control of oxygen, prevent food quality decrease caused by oxidation. Because of this, cup canned fruit in the case of no preservatives added to the shelf life of 12 months without cold storage. Cup canned fruit also has a high requirement on production process, adopts special high temperature cup canned fruit sealing machine, the two heat sealing, can be equipped with automatic filling equipment, and filling the nitrogen before heat sealing, the residual air in the cup, to ensure that within the glass product freshness in warranty period. Series of our factory production of canned fruit cup sealing machine is the use of high-tech packaging materials and advanced production technology, make traditional cans have a qualitative leap, made it easy for consumers to eat and enjoy a healthy, natural delicious. Cup canned fruit packaging sealing machine can produce canned fruit: oranges, yellow peach, pear, pineapple, canned mixed jelly, assorted, citrus, peach, pineapple, canned mushroom, asparagus, and other products. The packaging form of the novel not only avoid the disadvantages of traditional glass bottle packing fragile, heavy, and easier to transport packaging than the self-supporting bag. At the same time, the packing also raised the image of the product, the product inside the lid is attached to small spoon, convenient to the consumption of consumers. Plastic cup canned market prospect: along with the application of high EVOH barrier material, our country in the 21st century, plastic cup canned fruit production and export of increasing year by year, more than the national canned enterprise that has been building add plastic cup canned fruit production lines, to maintain the domestic and international market share.